From conference calls to playdates: How to make a successful career change

Written by: Elizabeth Bushaw

I just started a new job, and my boss’s demands are outrageous. Today, when she disagreed with a decision I made, she collapsed in a fit of rage. It’s a good thing we’re related. I recently left my job to pursue life as a stay-at-home mom, and I’m realizing this new gig will be the most challenging career change of my life. Luckily, I can rely on aspects of the professional world to ensure a successful transition.

Apply the tools of the work place

Network: One of my first goals was to find friends for me and my daughter. Fortunately,NPN offers information, events and groups, including free New Moms Groups. And, a free moms’ group, provides age-appropriate activities based on the ages of members’ children.

Strategy: Living off one salary, our family tries to participate in free or reduced-cost activities. Parenting in an urban area offers endless opportunities—whether it’s story hour at a library or a free playdate at a play café.

Self-Improvement: It may not have felt like “me” time when I was sitting on mind-numbing conference calls, but my job allowed me to focus on myself. Whether it’s returning to the gym or taking a photography class, find a way to focus on you—sans kiddo.

Team building: Local volunteer organizations have figured out ways to give back with your tot-sized cubicle mate in tow. More than Milk and The Honeycomb Project invite families to volunteer together.

Adapt: Remember you got off the corporate ladder to spend your days with someone who loves you unconditionally. I might want to grocery shop Tuesday, but if my daughter’s nap runs late, we can go tomorrow. My boss would rather play with Tupperware today.

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Posted on June 12, 2012 at 6:35 AM