Entering Mommydom

Written by: Lindsay Rhodes

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Having a baby changes everything. We have had our share of sweet kisses since our daughter’s birth, yet the transition to post-baby life brought numerous challenges. Here’s how we dealt with three aspects of being a new parent:

Change in social interactions

When I returned to work, participating in non-baby conversation took practice. Over time it helped me find my own voice again. I value mymom friends with older children who have been there before. My new moms’ group meets monthly, and I am grateful to have this trusted network of other moms who understand what I am going through.

Lack of spontaneity

One of the hardest adjustments has been relinquishing the ability to announce, “Let’s go out!” at the end of a long day. Spontaneity is not usually associated with going out to eat with a baby or toddler.

Instead, we have developed the trick of pretending.  If we can’t make it to Pequod’s Pizza, then Pequod’s comes to us.

Some women do it all and 110% more

The early years of parenting are a vulnerable time. If showering was your success for the day, try not to be intimidated by the mommy blogger who made 12 dozen cookies while selling homemade pinafores on Etsy. The Internet provides a wealth of support for new parents (like NPN!), but it can be a breeding ground for comparisons. You set the baby in her swing, washed your hair and got dressed. Now there’s a supermom if I ever saw one.

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Posted on May 25, 2012 at 7:53 AM