Spring Fashion Trends.. With a maternity spin

Written by: Trudy Robinson Foley

Five months ago, l was in Amsterdam and New York shopping for the best spring trends; I was 30 weeks pregnant and had a blast trying them all.  Now as I unpack the new arrivals, I thought I’d share my favorite trends with you.  (P.S.  With a 10 week-old at home, I’m also wearing many of the “maternity” pieces, thanks to their built-in nursing functions and stretchy fabrics!)

Nautical Stripes:  I’m obsessed with them -  blue, red, black and grey.   Do they work for maternity?  DEFINITELY.  Here’s how.   

  • Horizontal stripes dimensionalize that nice “ pregnant belly”…no matter if you are “showing it off” or hiding one that’s still not quite popped, they compliment it.
  • They “camouflage” other pregnancy concerns:   i.e. they hide “back fat” at the bra and any hit of panty line.   And they work magic post-pregnancy or for muffin tops too!    
  • They also hide those dirty finger prints your 2 year-old rubbed on your sleeve!
  • Various stripe widths compliment different body types – so try LOTS on.
  • Stock up on tops/tunics and even try some in dresses.

 Colored Bottoms:  Colored jeans are everywhere – on the playground, in the office on casual Fridays and out on the town for date night. They’re a fun way to add a spark of color to your wardrobe and to capture the hot color-blocking trend.  Colored leggings are also an easy pregnancy alternative.  They’re super comfy and often cost less while still delivering a strong color punch.  Look for thick good quality colored capri leggings; don’t skimp on cheap see-through ones.  My favorite pairs:

  • Reds/raspberries & navies paired with stripes.  Ahoy Mate!
  • Peach or teal with any black top in your wardrobe – great for the evening with espadrilles.  Or throw on a sheer flowy floral top for a more feminine take.   

Bold Prints:  Generate the aura (or that pregnancy glow) around you with a little help from a bright graphic or floral print.  Like you, they’re popping out everywhere!  Wear it, don’t let it wear you with these tips:

  • Look for silky/satiny tops or tunics.  The softness of the fabric calms the boldness of the print.
  • Choose patterns that are repeated in a way that flatters….make sure a “white patch” doesn’t end up accenting a growing chest or derriere. 
  • Want a big print? Try a maxi dress. The magnitude of the print won’t overwhelm you when it’s spread out over the long canvas of a maxi.

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Posted on April 18, 2012 at 1:19 PM