Did you know: How to use "My Account" to maximize your membership

Written by: Ellie Ander

Did you know NPN is a non-profit that started in 1980 as a way to help new moms come together and get support from experienced city parents.  Today, we are not just about moms, but about dads, too. Our NPN's Dads Group is ready for summer and working on some great events.  Stop by these get-togethers with your little ones!

And speaking of groups, at NPN there is literally something for every parent whether you're looking for support on the discussion forum, a local neighborhood group to bond with, or a social group like Moms in Business.  NPN wants you to make the most of your membership by being involved with the organization in ways that work for your schedule and your family. Which, brings me to the point of the blog entry, 'Did you know: How to use "My Account" to maximize your NPN membership'.

Log in to NPN and visit My Account. This will help you get the emails you want, find your discussions, and to make sure you don’t miss out on great events.  Visit the My Account page to:

  • Use My Discussions to check on the activity of all of your forum posts (yes, this is where those all are). Whether you started a thread or just replied to one, your posts will be quick and easy to access from the left-hand side of My Account page.
  • Use My Events to manage your RSVP's. With nearly 40 NPN events each month, it may be hard to remember what events you RSVP'd for. No problem, just go to My Account and scroll down just below My Discussions for a list of your events. Here, you can also cancel your RSVP's. NPN staff and group volunteers are parents, too, and we completely understand when stuff comes up. You can cancel your RSVP at anytime without penalty, which is always appreciated by the next person the wait list. NOTE: you must be logged in when you RSVP for an event for it to show up in My Events - that way we know who you are =)
  • Load a profile picture of yourself. Your profile picture will be displayed (without your name) when you RSVP for an event. NOTE: profile photos do not display on the Discussion Forum for parent members.
  • Update your Mailing List Preferences - pick the social and neighborhood groups that apply to you. Visit the Connect page to get to know our 22 social groups and 12 neighborhood groups. Connect with other parents all over the city.  And remember, if you don't see what you are looking for - contact amy@npnparents.org to get a new group started.
  • Parent to Parent delivery options - opt in to receive a paper copy of our FREE Parent to Parent newsletter in the mail, which can double as a great coloring book for your kids, or choose to receive just the PDF version via email.
  • Sign up for your FREE subscription to Time Out Chicago Kids. This is another wonderful resource for year-round kid-friendly activities, including information on free Chicago museum days, festivals, shows, and more!
  • Renew your membership. Don't miss a single second of NPN activity. An expired membership means no access to the lively Discussion Forum, and you'd be missing out on great year-round events and monthly gatherings. In My Account, easily see when your membership expires and you click to renew at any time.

We hope that you have found some, or all of this information helpful when navigating the NPN circuit. We appreciate your membership!  If you ever have any questions please contact us at info@npnparents.org.

Happy summer!

Posted on June 08, 2011 at 4:13 PM