Birthday Party Etiquette

Written by: Sarah Cobb

Here are what I consider the 5 rules of birthday party etiquette to get you and your guests on the same page.  Find your happy place, where you can plan and enjoy a fastastic celebration of your little one's big day.

#1 - Big or Small.  The most imprtant rule is to stick to your own budget and family/friends.  On the smaller side try a playdate with cupcakes, pajama party with 5 friends (HomeMade Pizza Co's Cutie Pie Kit & games), or meet up at your child's favorite restaurant or bakery.  As the parties get bigger, try our NPN Birthday Party Guide for plently of options.  Just don't feel the pressure to go big.  PLUS check out our Birthday Party Parent Perks to help you save $$$.

#2 - School Rules.  Most pre-schools have some guidelines about whether or not you can distribute invitations in cubbies and how many kids you should invite if you start inviting classmates.  Find out the scoop from your child's teacher and try to stick to it.  

#3 - Reciprocating.  This is not wedding planning.  If you child's classmate plans a big party and includes your little one, it does not mean you have to do the same.  Each parent has their own situation (back to Rule #1).

#4 - Siblings.  Unfortunately, they are not always invited.  If you receive an invitation with your child's name on it (either via Evite OR snail mail) that probably means siblings are not included.  If you are stuck in a childcare situation and need to bring a sib, just check with the host.  Many party places have limits on # kids.

#5 - No Gifts Please.  Lots of parents are trying to reduce the clutter in their city home and asking friends not to bring gifts OR they are teaching their little ones how to give back and asking for donations in lieu of a gift - please read your invitation before shopping for a gift and respect your host's wishes.

Please share your lessons learned and email  We hope all of our little NPN friends enjoy a fun-filled celebration this year!  Happy Birthday!

Posted on January 14, 2012 at 7:20 AM