Get Your Girls in the Game!

Written by: Barb Lazarus

Get Your Girls in the Game!

Introducing your daughters to sports at a young age          

When it comes to introducing young girls to sports play, I constantly hear “in due time.” Many parents, park districts/community programs and pre-schools seem to have this idea that an early introduction to sports isn't necessary.  While this does not shock me, what does cause surprise is the suggestion to wait until 3rd or 4th grade.  However, I strongly believe that the earlier you encourage participation, the more benefits your daughter will gain.

When I use the term “sports,” I am not talking about general body movement programs (which definitely serve their purpose as well!). Rather, I'm talking about hitting a nerf ball with a nerf bat, rolling and catching a squishy ball, shooting a ball into a toddler  basketball hoop, and more physical activities modeling actual sports/games.  My motivation is far from trying to create Olympic or professional athletes; I am not nudging toward a competitive attitude or career. But, I believe that you will have a much better chance of hooking your daughters to a physically active lifestyle long-term when they are given a healthy environment and an age-appropriate experience to sports.

So, WHY expose girls to sports so early? Here are some of the top reasons

  • Fosters hand-eye and overall physical coordination that is so important in building confidence
  • Contributes to the healthy development of both body and mind and promotes positive self esteem
  • Introduces and then reinforces life skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship, persistence, and critical thinking
  • Offers another valued avenue that permits girls to stay active and involved - decreases “couch” time
  • The longer one participates, the greater the probability that sports and fitness will become a treasured and regular part of her life
  • As these early years roll on, memories and friendships spanning a wide circle will mount
  • Plain and simple – it’s just fun
  • Effective way to bond with family and friends
  • Encourages a sports culture on par with that of their brothers and boys in general
  • As long as the environment is safe and fun, why not?

So, consider giving your young daughters the gift of quality exposure to and development in sports.  The rewards will be tremendous for all! Check out Game On! Sports Camps for more information on full, girls-only sports camps throughout the year.

Make 2012 the year to get your little ones (boys and girls!) involved in sports. What better way to start of the New Year than the NPN & Lil' Kickers Pre-New Year's Eve Celebration? Soccer drills, scrimmages, warm up exercises and ball handling for a fun introduction to soccer and TONS more activities, games, dancing and celebrating to keep the fun going all night long- limited tix still available for member families.

Barb Lazarus, Owner & Founder Game On! Sports Camps 4 Girls and author of the blog “Game On! Sports Girl Talk”

Posted on November 20, 2011 at 2:20 PM