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At Stepping Stones, our philosophy embraces 3 pillars of education.

Child-Led Learning - We find that children thrive not only through what we teach them but through what they discover on their own. The result is eager and engaged children that are excited about what they are learning as they explore and accomplish things their way.

Ample Time Outdoors - Connecting children to the magic of nature builds the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of the outdoors.  We venture out in the wonderful variety of weather conditions that Chicago offers and enjoy the puddles, the snowflakes, and for a couple of months the beautiful buds and leaves!

Thoughtful Community - Creating a warm, caring and consistent environment for our children, teachers, parents, and staff is at the heart of our schools. Most of our families are with us until their children go to kindergarten, and we value that relationship and journey every step of the way.

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Posted on December 10, 2019 at 2:48 PM