Photo Organizing with iPhoto - Tackle Digital Overwhelm

Written by: Jessica Schanberg

Digital Overwhelm - We all take tons of pictures these days. With digital photography and iPhones, it’s possible to amass quite a collection of photos of your family and friends. It can be very overwhelming. Where to begin? PLUS, turn these amazing moments into great gifts and keepsakes for your whole family.

Choose one event at a time and try not to process and organize too many photos at once. That can lead to total burnout.

iPhoto and Albums

The first step is to put your photos into albums and name them. Each upload to iPhoto will create a separate event which you can name and then, you can create a new album, that is labeled, for example, “Jan and Ben at the Beach August 2011” and put the corresponding photos (click, highlight and drag) into the album. To make an album, simply go to File/New Album.

Albums to Keepsakes

Now that you have your “beach photos” in an album, you have the option of making a book, a calendar or a card. Look at the bottom of the iPhoto interface and you will see a tab marked “Keepsakes”.

If you were to choose to make a book, a new interface will open asking you which kind of book, what size, and so on and then you can decide whether you want to make the book manually, or do an autofill. There are also options to add quotes and introductory text. The interface is very user friendly and is easy to follow.

When you are finished, you can login to your apple account and pay for your book, buy clicking “Buy Book”.

Why is this amazing?

Now you’ve made a beautiful book of your time at the beach, along with personalized captions, an introduction and a title picture. This is amazing because, now that you’ve made this lovely creation, you can send it to family and friends as gifts and keep it as an ongoing memory, as a coffee table book.

Photos just left on a computer, aren’t looked at very often and it’s much nicer to have a book made custom by you.

Alternatives to using Apple and iPhoto

There are several companies that make beautiful books of photography, along with calendars, magnets, cards and more. All three offer coupons and discounts on a constant basis:

My Publisher: I’ve made a book with them and the quality is outstanding. It is slightly more expensive, but the end result is quite outstanding. Unfortunately, their user interface is much more difficult to use than iPhoto.

Snapfish: Good quality, but their designs are not my favorite. Their user interface isn’t hard to use. They have good prices.

Shutterfly: I think the design options are better at Shutterfly and the quality is good, along with very fair pricing.

It’s Worth the Effort.  In the end, whatever company you use, you will have a lovely end product that can serve as a lovely gift and keepsake that the whole family can enjoy, for years to come.

This article is a guest post by Jessica Schanberg of Chicago based Pixel Peony. She is a computer savvy Personal Assistant and Personal Organizer/Graphic Designer. As an organizer, Jessica is adept at creating systems for her clients that help them to live better clutter-free lives in their environments.

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Posted on November 03, 2011 at 8:45 AM