NPN members pay no registration fee at Lily Pad Nursery + Preschool


Lily Pad Nursery + Preschool is excited to announce the opening of two additional classrooms in an effort to welcome more families to the Lily Pad community.

In response to overwhelming demand, we are opening a new Little Ducky Pond (ages 6 weeks - 15 months) and Tadpole Lake (ages 15 - 23 months) in the coming weeks.   

At Lily Pad Nursery + Preschool, we are Montessori-inspired and developmentally focused. Surrounding children with a variety of enrichment, stimulating the senses, and supporting a passion for discovery.

Our Lily Pad Leap™ Curriculum mindfully infuses structured lessons into a child-led, Montessori-inspired environment. Children flourish in an environment that is language-rich, dynamic but accessible, warm and loving. Teachers encourage children to challenge their skill set each day as they transition from novice to master again and again. 

For more information, please visit Lilypad Nursery + Preschool

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Posted on April 03, 2019 at 12:14 PM