NPN members receive 20% off first magazine at Kidsolidate!


Organize and declutter your kid's artwork, awards, report cards, letters and more by letting Kidsolidate turn your stacks of creations into custom magazines and hardcover books.  

Kidsolidate does all of the work for you. We digitize, layout and provide beautifully printed magazines and hardcover books. The process is easy. You will receive a postage paid envelope for sending your creations. Kidsolidate then scans and processes your creations and prints your magazine or hardcover book. You'll have access to both a digital copy and a printed copy. Kidsolidate does the work and you take the credit. 

Choose between being a member or non-member. Creating two or more magazines per year makes becoming a member the best deal. Saving five creations each month is enough to fill two magazines. Members receive discounted rates (starting at 35% off non-member pricing), free online storage and are not charged a deposit.

NPN members save 20% off your first magazine at Kidsolidate. Expires 3/1/2020

NPN members sign up by May 1, 2019 and receive the first three months of membership for free.

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Posted on March 04, 2019 at 4:52 PM