NPN members save $30 on one week of camp at Merry Music Makers


Merry Music Makers, a leading provider of early childhood music education, has teamed up with Chicago Blue Dolphins to offer this unique camp in Edgewater each summer. Kids spend the first half of their day exploring music and after lunch it's into the pool!

The music mornings are led by Merry Music Makers’ teachers who help kids explore the world of sound by offering hands-on experiences with instruments and sounds from culture around the globe. Campers learn through movement, books, games, crafts, singing, performances by professional musicians and more! Read more about the music curriculum.

Campers spend about two hours in the pool during the day. The first half is spent receiving swim lessons from Chicago Blue Dolphins' professional instructors and the second half is for guided play. Even if your child isn't an independent swimmer, by the end of two weeks of camp she should be self-sufficient in the pool. For those who are more experienced, their progress should be even more noticeable!

Check out what a sample day at camp looks like!

NPN members get $30 off one week of camp. Offer expires June 17, 2018. Click here to find out how to redeem the discount.

Posted on June 04, 2018 at 2:16 PM