Fall's Here! What's New in Maternity Style?

Written by: Trudy Robinson Foley

I’ll admit, when I was pregnant, I had no idea to dress to fit my changing (aka steadily expanding) body.  Sadly, many of my days were spent squeezed into ill-fitting, polyester maternity wear. Luckily, things have changed and staying stylish during pregnancy isn’t too hard!

So, what are this Fall’s top looks in maternity wear? Read what our friends at Kickin’ have to say about 5 MUST-HAVE's for an awesome fall pregnancy wardrobe.

1.) An awesome pair of good fitting jeans.  Jeans now come in great designer styles (think Seven for All Mankind & Joes) as well as other reputable maternity lines like Maternal America and Noppies.  Don’t forget that skinnies look awesome on a pregnant body tucked into riding boots!

2.) Heavy cardigan sweater.  Whether its buttoned up all the way or not, a warm sweater is an indoor/outdoor piece that completes many looks.  Maternity styles have extra stretch and fabric so you won’t feel like you’re "squeezed" in.  They'll still work perfectly after baby too (great camoflauge for a little muffin top that may stick around for a bit after baby!)

3.) Maternity leggings.  These are cut with no heavy band at the waist- styles can go under or over the belly.  Perfect with tunics of various lengths, they also add an extra bit of warmth on colder days with shorter dresses/skirts.  A good pair of leggings can go to the park, to work or to a night out. Check out different colors (black, charcoal, cocoa), types of fabrics, casual and dressier styles. 

4.) A knockout, fitted black (or dark navy) dress.  Think you can't wear a fitted dress? Think again!  Fall/winter is the perfect time for fitted dresses because tights/hose underneath can mask any little "blemishes" and hid panty lines. Black is timeless- pair it with a boyfriend cardigan for work,  dress it up for a cocktail (make that mocktail!) holiday party,  or dress it down with casual boots.  Add  a pop of color with accessories like a purple belt.  Bonus - Choose a slightly fitted "stretchy” style and wear it after baby!

5.) A great fitting, flexible underwire bra.  When your chest is getting bigger, keep the ladies lifted nicely and invest in good quality bras.  Properly fitting nursing underwire bras should never "poke" the breasts. "Back fat" that women think appears during pregnancy is often the result of ill-fitting bras.  Consider purchasing a nursing style underwire at the beginning of the 2nd trimester (when the chest changes normally slow down.)    Some bras, especially without much padding, allow for a cup size change/growth, which happens daily while nursing.

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Posted on October 17, 2011 at 7:28 PM