Back to school doesn't have to mean back to germs

Written by: Jasmine Jafferali

Follow these simple steps to keep germs at bay and your family healthy:

1. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds using mild, soapy water. The Center for Disease Control posted guidelines on when and how to wash your hands this past summer at Handwashing: Clean Hands Saves Lives.

2. Make friends with the super bugs. Probiotics will definitely help boost everyone’s immunity and reduce the amount of colds and flus.

3. Anti-bacterial products are not what they claim to be. Invest in products like CleanWell to keep germs at bay. I have their hand spray in every stroller, purse and car.

4. Vitamin C still has a reputation for reducing or keeping a cold from coming on. In fact, it is Vitamin D that is the biggie in keeping your immune system in tip-top shape. If you’re not sure of your levels, ask your doctor for this simple test.

5. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables while reducing sugar consumption. Eating a healthy diet is a sure fire way that you will keep every cell in your body healthy. And you don’t need to get an “A” in health class to figure that out.

Be sure to check out my most recent article on the Chicago Family Health Examiner, “Back to School Supplements to Boost Your Child’s Immune System.“

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Posted on October 14, 2011 at 10:40 AM