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Written by: Laura Baginski

You asked and we answered: Introducing the new and improved NPN forums! You'll find they're easier to navigate, much more user-friendly (especially on your phone), and full of cool new bells and whistles. Now it's so much easier to get support, advice, a nanny or nanny share on main discussion forum and childcare classifieds! Let's take a tour of these new features, shall we?

1. Improved search function. Not only is the search function more powerful, yielding more relevant results, but now you can also fine-tune your results using the advanced search function. Click on search function in the upper right corner of the page to do a simple keyword search or choose the advanced search option to search by post author, topic, date created or date updated.

2. New member profiles.
Now you can tell other NPN members as much (or as little) about yourself as you'd like. Click on your member number in the top right corner of the page and click "Edit profile" to add a bio, birthdate, photo and personal website url.

You can also choose to follow other members and get notifications when they post. If you would not like to be followed yourself, click on the Options dropdown in the Followers section on the left side of your profile page, and select "Don't allow others to follow me."

3. Better usability on mobile. The new forums interface is a breeze to navigate on your phone. Respond to or post topics easily on the go!

4. More privacy. Nowhere else is it safer to post about sensitive, personal topics than NPN—and to get the support and advice you need. Now not only can you post and respond to topics anonymously, but you will also get a different anonymous ID every time you do so. 

5. Tailored notification options. Want to be notified every time someone responds to a post you wrote or replied to? Or would you rather get a daily or weekly email with those types of notifications? You can select these preferences and more by clicking on the bell icon at the top right of your screen and selecting "Notification Settings."

We hope you enjoy using our new and improved forums! If you have any questions or feedback, post to the Feedback and Suggestions message board at the bottom of the main forums page, or email

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Posted on December 21, 2016 at 2:00 PM