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She may look different on the outside, but five-year-old Mary Cate, this year’s Aon Step Up for Kids patient champion, is just like any other kid on the inside.

Diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Apert Syndrome, which affects the shape of the head and face and prevents the skull from growing normally, Mary Cate has undergone several major surgeries at Lurie Children’s with more procedures still to come. It is Family Services programs like Child Life that keep Mary Cate and her family at ease during each of their hospital stays.

“Hospitals can be scary places for kids,” says Kerry. “To have Child Life specialists available in the reading room, or visiting a child before surgery with a toy or a book to take their mind off their procedure is huge. It also relieves some of the stress on parents to see their child smile and laugh and just be a kid.”

You can support kids like Mary Cate by signing up for the 20th Annual Aon Step Up for Kids, benefiting Lurie Children’s Department of Family Services.

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Posted on December 06, 2016 at 2:55 PM