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Written by: Jennifer Kim

How to prevent lice in school children


I never thought I would be writing anything about lice and nits. Had you asked me before I had children if there was any possibility of me ever worrying about lice and nits, I would have confidently said no.

However, life is very interesting and unexpected!

I am the mother of two young children—4 and 6 years old. As soon as my oldest entered school at the age of 2, I began receiving weekly school email notifications of lice. It still shocks me to this day that this problem occurs year after year. In fact, the problem was so awful at our school last year that I really took care to ensure that the little critters had no way of entering our home. Here are some of my prevention tips:

  1. Use lice prevention products. You can use tea tree oil or rosemary oil or purchase specific lice prevention products from Pickle's Playroom & Salon. I make sure to use products daily on my children. Tip: Spray natural repellents not only in hair, but behind the ears and shoulders, too.

  2. When there is an infestation, long hair must go up. I know many children love the Rapunzel look but, trust me, when there is an infestation you absolutely want to be safe. Braids and ponytails are essential. I often volunteer at school and make sure my hair is also up when there seems to be a lot of itchies going around.

  3. Encourage your kids not to share hats or scarves. This simple reminder will save you a lot of suffering!

  4. Check your child's hair every day. Lice and nits can spread very quickly if not taken care of at an early stage.

  5. If you find something while checking your child, tell your teacher so that she or he can also check the other children in the classroom. One consistent problem I saw last year was that many parents treated their children for lice and did not share the news. This keeps the itchy problem active. When we raise children, we are part of a village and even though this could be seen as an embarrassing situation, it is important to make sure we inform the community so that we can all take the proper measures to control the outbreak.

If you ever get a call from your child's teacher or school nurse, don't fret! Lice and nits are a very normal part of childhood and can be easily treated. In fact, all summer long my staff and I have been researching and testing out a new, natural removal method that we have developed. My promise to you, from one parent to another, is that we are absolutely here for you in your time of urgent need. All my staff have had extensive training and are master lice & nit removal experts. We have all passed criminal background checks as well, so you know that whomever we send to your home will safely and effectively treat your family.

I wish you a safe and happy and lice free school year!

Pickle's Playroom & Salon in Lincoln Square proudly carries the best lice prevention products available to families! Pickle's also offers a chemical-free lice and nit removal service. For more information please visit

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Posted on August 29, 2016 at 12:59 PM