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You can put your newborn down for a nap without watching the monitor like it's reality TV, changing a diaper has become as second nature as throwing your hair in a top knot and you can think about something other than your little one for a full 5 minutes. Congrats, you've (sort of) gotten the hang of being a new parent!

Now it's time to devote a little time to yourself, including getting back into shape (assuming your doctor has given you the okay). And one of the best ways to do that is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other. 

Here are 5 reasons why running is ideal for new moms looking to get healthy and fit.

  1. You can run any time. Suddenly have a 30-minute window because your friend offered to come over and watch the baby monitor? Strap on those running shoes and head out for a quick jog. No need to plan your life around exercise classes at the gym. No need to drive anywhere to work out on fitness equipment. You can be out the door and exercising in seconds flat.
  2. Running is cheap. After the initial investement in good running shoes, running requires no cash at all. Heck, wear a nursing bra under an old T-shirt and pull on your favorite maternity leggings for a jog. Nobody will notice (or care)! 
  3. Running give you "me time." You love your baby, but there isn't a mom in the world living or dead who didn't need a break now and then. Heading out for a jog gives you a block of time for just you, when you can listen to your favorite podcast or just completely zone out. You'll come back sweaty, refreshed and ready to fully commit to tummy time.
  4. You can bring your baby on your runs. Once your baby is old enough to hold up her head on her own, you can strap her in a jogging stroller and take her with you on your jogs. Exercise that doesn't require childcare: Can I get a heck yeah? Bonus: Other jogging moms you pass will often give you that "I've been there and good for you for doing something for yourself" nod.
  5. Running offers measureable goals. Having a goal that keeps you going through a tough run is invaluable, and it should be more than just losing weight. Signing up for one of the many races that are happening year-round all over Chicagoland—from 5Ks to marathons—is a great way to stay motivated. Choose a race at least a few months away and make it your goal to be able to finish it. That looming deadline will push you to go for a run on those days when you're operating on little sleep (like, pretty much every day). 

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Posted on June 17, 2016 at 10:40 AM