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Written by: Lani Gerszonovicz

Day camp teaches kids life skills.


Summer camp is more than just fun! A great day camp teaches children life skills in a safe, fun and loving place. A well-run day camp provides campers with a host of emotional, social and physical benefits, as well as myriad experiences and opportunities that they might otherwise not have. By forming a bridge between school years, camp allows children to continue learning and growing in new and exciting ways.

While at camp, children find themselves in an environment that focuses on helping them to become their very best. The structure of camp encourages children to forge friendships, experience new activities and to uncover and enhance their strengths. Children learn how to make friends, as well as how to be a friend while at camp.

Camp encourages participation in a diverse variety of programs, many of which may be brand new to the children experiencing them. Where else can you spend your day driving go-karts, swimming at the pool and challenging yourself at a high ropes course? Through this exposure, children find and develop talents, skills and interests they never knew they had. 

One of the greatest benefits that camp bestows upon children is the ability to take risks in a safe environment. Taking risks is an integral part of life, and it is also often one of the most difficult things for a parent to encourage in their children. The very concept of risk infers the possibility of failure and disappointment. Yet it is through risk that so much growth can occur. Camp revels in the opportunity to provide children with the opportunity to reap the benefits of safe risk-taking without the inherent danger. Children learn to stretch their limits and to persevere by challenging themselves at camp. Through success, children build self-confidence; not because they are told that they are good, but because they experience their own successful triumph over adversity. By learning to confront and tackle new challenges at camp, children then transfer that confidence toward exploring and experiencing new challenges at school and at home.

Camp provides tremendous social and emotional benefits to children, and the benefits don’t stop there. By enabling children to spend warm summer days running, swimming and playing, camp encourages a physically fit lifestyle. All of these factors go into camp’s ability to cultivate your children into the most fully developed person that they can be. 

Banner Day Camp is the premier day camp on Chicago’s North Shore serving Chicago and the northern suburbs. Banner is a safe place for campers ages 3–12 to make friends, accept challenges and have a summer filled with fun. Camp is in session from June 20–August 12, 2016. For more information, visit

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