7 thoughts a stay at home mom has every day

Written by: Lauren Plotkin

7 things that go through a SAHM's head every day.

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Before having my daughter, I never thought about what stay-at-home-mom life would be like because I never thought I'd be a SAHM. Fast forward though the newborn stage, my return to work, and then my decision to quit my job and I'm now living the stay-at-home-mom life. It's certainly been interesting, fun, challenging, wonderful, exhausting and all the usual descriptors. But I thought I'd give you a glimpse into the real thoughts that go through a stay-at-home mom's head every day. You know, the things you might never say out loud, but shamelessly float through your mind on a daily basis.

1. *Baby crying* "It's seriously morning already? I just went to sleep! Why don't kids sleep in? I should really start drinking coffee..." This is me. Every. Single. Morning.
2. "Shower time. Just kidding! Topknot, check! Now, what should I wear today? Jeans? Hahahahaha! Leggings or yoga pants it is." Somehow, leggings or yoga pants have become the official uniform of moms everywhere. Why? Because they are stretchy, comfortable and don't inhibit your movement when you're trying to chase and catch your toddler before she makes it to the stairs.
3. "Is it nap time yet?" Every mom around the world looks forward to nap time. 'Nuff said.
4. "Am I on my phone too much? I'm on my phone too much. I should play with my child more. Want to play patty cake?! Patty cake, patty cake... Ooh, Facebook notification!" As mothers, we are so hard on ourselves about always making sure our children get enough socialization, stimulation, play time, sensory play, exposure to new things, classes, music, the list goes on and on! So much so that when we veer off track a little to check our phone or turn on the TV, we feel guilty. But ya know what? As long as my kid doesn't put his finger in a socket, we're good.
5. "I NEED to get out of the house." Sometimes (and by sometimes, I mean all the time) I just need to leave the house (with my baby, of course), whether that means just to roam Target or drive in my car. As a SAHM, those four walls close in fast!
6. "It's 3pm. Have I eaten lunch today? I should probably eat something besides leftover puffs and yogurt melts." I never used to understand how moms wouldn't have time to  eat. I mean, eating is a basic need. But when you're a mom, food falls way down on the totem pole of priorities.
7. "OMG, when is hubs going to be home??" It's like a movie when my husband walks through the door. Lights are shining down on him, music is playing in the backgroundand I'm running slo-mo with arms outstretched toward him.

What are some of your brutally honest SAHM thoughts? Do share!

Lauren Plotkin and familyLauren Plotkin, former Chicago Public School teacher turned blogger, started blogging to document her journey through life, motherhood, and all the craziness in between. She tries to approach life with a sense of humor (and maybe a little bit of wine) and loves sharing her experiences—the good, the bad and the ugly—with her readers. You can find more of Lauren's writing at www.myplotofsunshine.com.

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Posted on March 16, 2016 at 4:01 PM