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Written by: Corene Peloquin

Little Company of Mary Hospital offers midwife services.

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Before the birth of my first child, I prepared by taking classes, reading and meditating with the intention of having a natural, calm and drug-free delivery. Instead, I left the hospital with my son feeling very disappointed in many things, including myself.  

With a doctor-led birth, you are putting all your trust in your doctor and expecting everything to be what you had wanted or planned. Again, this was my first time delivering a baby and I feel like I was somewhat naïve. But I never expected the birth of my first child would be so traumatic.

While I was labor, my son’s heart rate started decelerating. Ignoring my requests for natural labor, my doctor coerced me into signing papers for an emergency c-section—while I was suffering intense contractions. Somewhere in this chaos, my baby got vacuumed out instead. It all happened so fast, my husband and mother missed the birth, even though they were right there in the waiting room.

This was not the way I wanted my son to be introduced to the world, so for my second child, I chose to use a midwife instead of a doctor, with a much happier result. In January 2016, I gave birth to my third baby, Eoghan, again using a midwife, and this time at Little Company of Mary Hospital in Evergreen Park.

Believe it or not, I met my midwife, Mary Kay Burke, at my first delivery. At that time, she was a nurse, not a midwife, but she was one of the few people involved in that birth who really listened to me. This time around, Mary Kay and I discussed my expectations many times before the birth—my goal was to labor as much as I could at home before coming to Little Company of Mary.

This being my third delivery, I didn’t have to call her with too many questions until labor started, but Mary Kay made herself 100% available to me if I ever needed her. Our relationship was open and trusting, and I always felt I could ask or tell her anything. I always felt reassured and calm. 

I began labor at around 9:30pm, but the contractions were not consistent or intense until around 5am, and I arrived at the hospital at around 8:30am. Mary Kay was there the entire delivery, encouraging me to breathe through each contraction and let my body take over. She also offered a balance ball to sit on while I was in a hot shower, and she massaged my back. 

The contractions were much more intense than my previous births, so I wasn’t able to take advantage of the hypnobirthing and water birthing options that Little Company of Mary offers. But that was fine—the hospital room itself was very large, providing me lots of room to walk around and not be strapped to a monitor. There was a large window with natural light, and my husband had music playing for me. My mother and sister were also there. I felt incredibly supported.

I remember trying to push and pausing. Then Mary Kay calmly encouraged me to push one more time. “You’re almost there, Cor,” she said. “Can you push one more time?”

Mary Kay delivered my son at 11:22am, after being in the hospital for less than three hours.

For me, delivering my baby naturally with a midwife was so empowering. I felt a natural high that is unexplainable—I felt like I could do anything. Plus, the bond between Eoghan was unclouded by pain drugs or strangers in the room. It was just me, my son, and people who cared for and supported me. And that includes my midwife.

Interested in learning more about LIttle Company of Mary's midwife program? At the hospital's "Meet the Midwives" open house on Sunday, March 6, at 11am, you can chat with Little Company of Mary's midwives Mary Kay Burke and Yvonne Oldaker and, at 11:30am, tour its state-of-the-art birthing center. Meet in the waiting area near Labor & Delivery on the second floor, west tower. Meet the Midwives will happen every first Sunday of the month! More info here.

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