A Q & A with Chicago's Next Big Thing

Written by: Christa Reed

Parker Krex isn’t waiting years to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up. The 10 year-old Chicago native is already CEO of his own company, Brick loot. All it took was one good idea to make him, quite possibly, the areas youngest CEO. We asked him a few questions about what it's like to be a Kidpreneur!

How did you come up with the idea for Brick Loot?

I subscribed to a different subscription box, and I didn’t like the things inside it. I LOVE LEGO so I thought it would be a great idea to get a box of LEGO and bricks to build different things every month.

What’s the best part of being your own boss?

I get to make a lot of decisions. I get to meet awesome people, and I get to decide what our customers get each month.

What is a typical work day like for you?

It is summer now so I go to the warehouse a few days a week. I pack store orders, pack boxes and do research. During the school year, I add homework to my schedule.

How do you balance your CEO duties with school?

School always comes first (based on my parent’s rules). I have an office, so I can do homework and then help out.

What do your friends think of Brick Loot?

At first my friends did not believe me, but then they saw me on FOX news and thought it was super cool!

Why do you love Lego/bricks so much?

I love that I can build from instructions or from my imagination. I can build something and then break it down and build something new. I also love collecting old sets.

What advice do you have for other young people interested in business?

I think you have to come up with a lot of ideas to have one good one that might stick. I am always thinking of new business ideas and most of the time they would not work long term, but Brick Loot was a good one, and my parents believed in it enough to push forward and make it a real business. I have already thought of two more ideas that we can add onto Brick Loot in the future. Stay tuned :)

***Interested in learning more about Brick Loot, check out their website here

Posted on June 27, 2015 at 7:29 AM