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Since NPN was founded in 1980, the Parent to Parent quarterly Newsletter has been a fun way for parents to share their stories, lessons learned, and get new insights into how to survive parenting in Chicago.  

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Check out these great past issues to learn more about school search, finding the right childcare, traveling with kids, greening your family, the ups & downs of Chicago parenting, and so much more!

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2012 Archives:

  • Winter - Staying Healthy   
  • Fall - Back to School  
  • Summer - Coping with Change and Transition
  • Spring - Child Care Conversations

2011 Archives:

  • Winter - On Your Best Behavior
  • Fall - A School Primer
  • Summer - Breaking the Routine 
  • Spring - Child care options that fit your needs

2010 Archives: 

  • Winter - Total Parent Health -- Our 1st all color issue and brand new design!
  • Fall - Schools - A Learning Process
  • Summer - Summer Fun - At Home & Away
  • Spring - Childcare - It's About Relationships