New Moms Group FAQs

New Moms Group: FAQ’s

Interested in hosting or attending a New Moms Group (NMG) and don’t know where to start?  

NPN’s here to make it as easy as possible for you, so check out the details below!  Any more questions or if you’re ready to schedule your NMG --- please email us at


I’d like to host a NMG…what should I do?

Fabulous! Simply email Meredith at to schedule your preferred month/3 consecutive week dates and she’ll be happy to provide you with more details.  

Requirements to be a host:
(1) You must be a current (paid) NPN member.
(2) To host a 2-5 Month Group, you should EITHER have a baby at least 12 months old and/or be a NMG Alumna. If you don't meet these criteria but would like to host email Meredith at to discuss.
(3) To host a 6-12 Month Group or 12-18 Month Group, your baby should be at least that age or older when you host.

If you are a dad who would like to host we will happily organize a New Moms & Dads Group or a New Dads Group for you. Email if you are interested!

I want to host a NMG but I live in a 2-bedroom condo…how can I possibly fit 10 moms and 10 babies?

We all know city living space can be limited, but it’s no big deal, all you need is a room to sit and swap stories! You don't need a ton of space because the babies are all between 2 and 5 months.

What time of the day should I host my NMG?

NPN new moms groups meet for 90 minutes at the same day and time for three weeks in a row. Groups meet weekdays or weekends, day time or evening. We have one evening or weekend 2-5 Month Group AND one weekday 2-5 Month Group each month. Whenever possible both the 6-12 Month Group and 12-18 Month Group alternate each month between daytime and evening/weekends.

I'm hosting a NMG and my friend wants to come with her new baby...does she have to be a NPN member?

Invite your friends! But yes, we do ask that all members of a NMG are current NPN members. Have her visit: /discover-the-benefits to sign up! It only takes a few minutes.


When do you need NMG Hosts?

NPN needs moms to host every month except July and December, as we’ve run into many scheduling conflicts due to holidays and vacations (it’s hard to find hosts/attendees that can commit to three meetings). 


I live in the South Loop, can I attend a group in Lakeview?

I just had my second baby, am I considered a new mom and can I attend a group?  Can my toddler come with me?

Congrats! We actually suggest that second time moms HOST the group so that they can control the time and date to fit into your schedule and your older kiddo's schedule.  You will be the host AND a part of the NMG.

However, moms of toddlers do not need to host to attend…moms are welcome to join a NMG but cannot bring toddlers with.  

My baby is 6-weeks old (or 6 months old)…can I still attend even though he's not between 2-5 months old?

Yes! We do have a few reasons why we suggest that babies be at least 8-weeks (or under 5 months) for the traditional groups:
(1) Babies are a bit more "predictable" at this point and it's just slightly easier to get out of the house.
(2) If you are vaccinating, your little one will receive a bunch of vaccinations at his 8-week check-up.
(3) NPN has a 6-12 Month Old New Moms Group.

 If your baby is slightly outside of the 2-5 month old age range and not crawling you are welcome to attend the 2-5 month group!

I’ve attended a NMG but would love to still meet other new moms.

You’re more than welcome to attend another NMG if your baby still fits the age recommendations….or better yet -- check out our amazing Member Mingles and other play dates! And don’t forget NPN provides many events for new moms and all parents. Keep an eye out on the NPN Calendar!!


Thank you to our presenting sponsor, Erikson Institute. NPN is proud to share information about Erikson Institute's Fussy Baby Network: 

The Fussy Baby Network offers a range of parent support services around crying, sleeping, and feeding issues for babies and toddlers up to age 3. We provide free phone support through our warmline, staffed by our warm and caring family/infant specialists. We also offer free virtual home visits to families no matter where they live. Finally, we provide support groups for parents to talk together about the challenges they face and how they cope. All of our services are available in English and Spanish.