You and Number2

Second time around isn’t always easier! NPN’s newest program, You and Number 2, is here to help you transition into being a mother for the second (or third!) time. Adding a new baby to the family can certainly shake things up- let NPN and other “new again” moms give you support you need. Just like our original New Moms Groups help brand new moms find their way, our You and Number 2 program will leave you with the connections and resources you need to make your time with new little ones just as special. 

Meet the Co-Chairs

Amy Johnson Director of Volunteers for NPN, Amy became a member in 2006 shortly before her first son was born. Prior to working for NPN, she volunteered by co-chairing the West Town Club and hosting a New Moms Group. Amy is active in her school community and serves on her Local School Council. Amy loves raising her kids in the city and exploring Chicago with her family and friends. She especially loves working and playing with NPN's amazing network of families and volunteers.

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