New Moms Over 40

Being a new mom is a life changing experience at any age.  But being a new mom in your 40s has it’s own set of unique challenges. 

This group is designed for new moms in their 40s with young children ranging in age from infancy through toddler years.  We are a very active group in and around the Chicago area.  We coordinate lots of different activites for both working and stay at home moms (i.e. playdates, moms night out, discussion groups, educational events, etc.).  We post some activities on the NPN Calendar and some informally.

To learn more about our group, what's coming up or to volunteer to help us out in some capacity, please email us for more information.  Also, please make sure you are on our mailing list (Go to "My Account" to select your mailing list/group options).   The organizers for this group are Sarah Squires-Doyle (Chair), Pamela Chianelli (Co-Chair) and Melissa Deroche (Co-Chair).

Meet the Co-Chairs

Sandra Langeneckert

Club Sponsors