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  • Separation Anxiety in the Early Years

    NPN Kim


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    The first day of preschool is approaching and you may be wondering how to help your child manage separating from you, and getting comfortable in their new classroom. While new developmental steps always bring some challenges, there are many ways parents can support their child and help them reach a new level of competence, learning and growth. 

    * How to help children prepare for and cope with the transition to school

    * Strategies and tools you can use to prepare your child for school and to help them adjust to new routines

    * Identify and address forms of separation anxiety your child may be experiencing

    * How parents can manage their own feelings about this big step in their child’s life






    MichelleLee.jpgPresenter: Michelle Lee, M.Ed., LCPC, I/IECMH-C, is a counselor and infant mental health specialist. She holds a master’s degree in counseling with a specialization in early intervention and a certificate in infant mental health. Michelle began her career in the kindergarten classroom and then shifted to working in infant mental health as well as the Illinois Part C early intervention system. Michelle is the director of a prevention initiative grant, a collaboration with Fussy Baby Network and Department of Family and Support Services which provides funding to serve low-income at risk and young parents. Michelle currently conducts home visits, professional trainings and parent workshops.




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