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  • Protecting Your Child From Bullying

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    Childhood bullying a serious issue. According to the CDC's 2017 report Preventing Youth Violence, 1 out of 5 kids reported being bullied. NPN has teamed with Dr. Kortney Peagram, Bulldog Solutions to tackle the topic of childhood bullying and identify strategies for working with schools. Watch the video.

    Is your child experiencing bullying, or do you suspect bullying is happening? In this 48-minute video, you’ll learn the difference between bullying and drama, how to open a conversation with your child, and strategies to address and prevent bullying.

    Visit Dr. Kortney Peagram's Parent Hub via GoogleDocs for additional resources and handouts on this topic.





    Kortney Peagram Head Shot.jpegDr. Kortney Peagram is the president and owner of Bulldog Solution, which provides schools with social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum, professional development trainings, and student programs to eliminate bullying, violence and cyberbullying. Dr. Peagram works with organizations to provide programs on leadership, conflict management, team building, group management, diversity, compassion, bullying and cyberbullying. She is also an adjunct professor at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Her new book, Dear Bully: The Untold Stories of Bullying, is a compilation of stories from victims and bullies.

    Dr. Peagram has been featured as an expert on CBS, NPR, Fox News, PBS, and Chicago Parent.

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