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  • Preschool Philosophies

    NPN Meredith M

    Thinking about preschool for your toddler and don't know where to start?  Watch this informative discussion about the different prevailing preschool philosophies - featuring expert panelists from preschools across the city who will provide advice to parents about choosing the best type of program for your child and your family. 

    Topics for discussion include:

    * Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia and other philosophies
    * How to decide if these philosophies or others are a good fit for your child
    * How preschool works during the pandemic

    Participating schools:

    Bennett Day School
    British International School of Chicago, South Loop
    Cardinal Bernardin Montessori Academy
    Mary Meyer School
    Urban Prairie Waldorf School

    Thank you to our Presenting Sponsor British International School of Chicago, South Loop

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    Loose Video Breakdown is as follows:

    Intro: Opening remarks

    7 min mark: Introduction to the different schools

    12 min mark: Philosophy Questions

    22 min mark: How Does Preschool Work During the Pandemic

    36 min mark: Preschool Classroom Activities

    46 min mark: Preschool Behavior Expectations

    58 min mark: Preschool School / Family Connections

    1:10 min mark: Other factors in finding a "good fit" preschool

    1:20 min mark: The application process

    1:28 min mark: Separation Anxiety

    1:43 min mark: Audience Q&A




    Edited by NPN Meredith M

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