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  • Potty Training for All Abilities

    NPN Kim

    In this 60-minute webinar, Chicago-based developmental and occupational therapist Dr. Laura Mraz uncovers strategies to help parents get on track with potty training typically developing toddlers and those with various developmental delays. Watch the above video.

    Are you struggling to potty train your toddler or want some great tips before you get started? This interactive live webinar reviews potty training techniques and challenges for children of all abilities. The webinar will review age-appropriate development skills required for potty training, research-based potty training approaches and the top potty-training products on the market.

    In addition, clear and effective strategies to potty train your child will be provided along with useful tips for common potty training challenges, including specific challenges common with children with autism, sensory processing disorder and other developmental delays.


    Precontent_Laura_Mraz.jpgsenter: Dr. Laura Mraz is a developmental therapist and occupational therapist with expertise in early childhooddevelopment, autism and sensory processing disorders. She is the owner of Blue Bird Day, a therapeutic preschool and kindergarten program, and Eyas Landing, an outpatient therapy clinic. She is a clinical adjunct professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Occupational Therapy and an advocate for children of all abilities.

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