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Annual Preschool & Elementary School Fair

Held every fall, NPN’s Annual School Fair has been the No. 1 resource for school-searching parents for over 20 years!


Parents can chat with reps from more than 100 Chicago preschools and elementary schools and attend informative breakout sessions about Chicago schools. Past sessions have included CPS 101, which breaks down the admissions process, selective enrollment schools and more; and Preschool Primer, which covers such topics as preschool readiness and choosing a “best-fit” school.


Free for members, the School Fair opens its RSVPs in late summer 2021, so check back here to register!

Featured articles

How to apply for CPS preschools
It's time to start applying for CPS preschool! But which program is right for your child, and how do you apply? We have answers.
9 questions parents should be asking schools
Finding the right school for your child starts with asking the right questions. Here are 9 important questions to ask when researching preschool and elementary schools in Chicago.
What's up with Universal PreK? Here's what we know.
The rollout of Chicago's Universal PreK initiative, explained. Find out when free preschool for 4-year-olds is coming to your neighborhood.


what PK (and beyond) for my kid

We live in the Lincoln Park area and have a very very smart (objectively) 4yo with a likely sensory processing disorder that causes behavioral difficulties during times of transitions in a school envi...

Oscar Mayer and IEP’s vs other Lincoln Park Schools

Looking for a new school for our upcoming 6th grader. We love our current Montessori private school but it’s gotten very small in the upper grade levels and our daughter doesn’t want to be the only gi...

CPS Universal preschool

Has there been any update on this? Are there any good resources to read?  Anonymous poster hash: 211e0...1b8 ...

CPS new admission process for 22-23

I just attended the zoom re selective enrollment admission process. I don’t think cps has thought this through well. With reducing criteria to 1 single exam and grades, in tier 4 their will be a treme...

If you left CPS for private this year, are you returning to CPS next year?

Just taking a temperature check on this...I know my kids' Catholic school had an influx of students from strong neighborhood CPS schools this year. The conventional wisdom is that these families would...

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How and when to apply to Chicago preschools and elementary schools

When should you start searching for schools, both public in private, in Chicago? This guide gives you important timelines for preschools and elementary schools.

How to help your child get ready for kindergarten

Work with your future kindergarten age child on approaches to learning and self-regulation, language and literacy, math, and social and emotional development.

How to advocate for your special-needs child in CPS

What's an IEP? And how is it different from a 504? Get answers and get expert help navigating CPS's special education system.

How to apply for CPS preschools

It's time to start applying for CPS preschool! But which program is right for your child, and how do you apply? We have answers.

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