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Annual Preschool & Elementary School Fair

Held every fall, NPN’s Annual School Fair has been the No. 1 resource for school-searching parents for over 20 years!


Parents can chat with reps from more than 100 Chicago preschools and elementary schools and attend informative breakout sessions about Chicago schools. Past sessions have included CPS 101, which breaks down the admissions process, selective enrollment schools and more; and Preschool Primer, which covers such topics as preschool readiness and choosing a “best-fit” school.


>>Register for the 2021 School Fair, Sept. 25–Oct. 16.<<


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It's time to start applying for CPS preschool! But which program is right for your child, and how do you apply? We have answers.
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Finding the right school for your child starts with asking the right questions. Here are 9 important questions to ask when researching preschool and elementary schools in Chicago.
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Our elementary school just announced tentative dates to vax kids 5-12

It’s super exciting. Pending final approval from FDA my little one will be vaxed last week October or first weekend November at the school Anonymous poster hash: 7645b...adb ...

How much homework does your sehs student do ?

Mine does about an hour a night which seems very little, no? He has one AP class and all honors classes ( except PE and computer science as there subjects don’t have honors).  Anonymous poster hash: ...

SEHS test prep tools

My kid is doing the independent study route and is feeling pretty confident but I'm wondering if anyone has any links to online resources that are helpful.   I'm particularly interested in f...

CPS Drop-off Changes in Covid Times

How has the drop-off procedure changed in your school as a result of these covid precautions? We are at an SEES where most come by car, no neighborhood walkers.  Before covids, kids were all...

Anyone homeschooling this fall?

I had a call with our pediatrician yesterday and told him I was uneasy about sending my 1st grader to in person school due to concerns about covid mitigation plans in their school. He asked if I had a...

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