Developmental Milestones Webinar with RUSH Kids Pediatric Therapy @ Online · Jan 26, 2021

Parent University

Join NPN and RUSH Kids Pediatric Therapy for a small group panel discussion on the developmental milestones your child should be reaching during their first year. 

This presentation will cover:

  • * Infant milestones from 0-12 months
  • * What skills children are expected to achieve at each month of development
  • * Ideas of how to use tools that parents already have in the home to assist their children in achieving the milestones
  • * Suggestions for how to elicit skills (e.g., tummy time or rolling)
  • * What can make reaching milestones tricky for kids

A Q&A portion will follow, and the presenters will provide resources for parents to use to encourage basic skill acquisition. 

The panel is comprised of four specialists: Meredith Krifka, a physical therapist; Anna McFadden, a BCBA; Courtney Engela, an occupational therapist; and a speech therapist.

Location: Online
Address: Chicago, IL
Chicago, 60613
When: 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM · Jan 26, 2021
Who: Members & Non-Members - Children welcome
Cost: NPN Members: Adults $0.00, Children $0.00
Non-members: Adults $15.00, Children $0.00
Coordinator: Meredith Marzano
    • January
    • 26
    • Tuesday