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5 ways movement helps your child grow |


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As a dance/movement therapist and founder and CEO of Chicago Dance Therapy, I have seen the benefits of movement in children's growth and development firsthand. Here are five ways movement is not only beneficial, but necessary for kids, especially those with developmental differences. 



Secure attachments are developing the moment our children are born and perhaps even before ...

Posted on March 07, 2016 at 9:21 AM by Erica Hornthal

Your child received a diagnosis. Now what?

As your child grows and develops, you might find yourself worrying and wondering if their development is on track. And when it comes to development, there’s a lot to keep track of—feeding, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, speech, language, social-emotional development and play (to name a few!). 

What happens if you feel your child is behind in one of these areas? To start, know that you are not alone. Every child develops uniquely and at their own pace. Talk to your pediatrician ...

Posted on March 02, 2016 at 6:00 AM by Libby Galin

5 awesome Chicago services for special-needs kids |

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If your child has a developmental difference, you know you need to find a support team to help him excel, whether it's a therapist, a specialty school, a developmental pediatrician or all of the above. You'll be able to find all of these resources at NPN's Developmental Differences Resource Fair on March 13, but you'll also be able to find services that provide realy cool experiences for your child. 

Check out these exhibito...

Posted on February 18, 2016 at 9:38 AM by Laura Baginski

I keep my child at home all winter, to save her life

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I recently turned down an invitation for my two-year-old daughter and I to join a fun outing, and the hostess was mad. "Aren't you ever going to let her have any fun?" she said. "How is she supposed to learn social skills?"

Yeah, we miss out on a lot of fun things. Yes, I doubt myself and fear I am overreacting. But before you judge me for keeping my child in a bubble, step into my shoes for a moment.

It's Respiratory Syncytial Virus ...

Posted on February 08, 2016 at 9:15 AM by Julianne Neely

What about the sibling of a child with learning challenges?

Being the sibling of a child with a developmental disability, learning challenge or other special need can be complicated.


As with any sibling relationship, these brothers and sisters will play a variety of roles throughout life; playmate, confidant, teacher, protector, friend, enemy, follower and role model. Sibling relationships are often the longest-lasting relationships, and the “typical” sibling’s role will change over time, often taking on many of the concerns around caregiv...

Posted on December 01, 2015 at 9:28 AM by Heather Bragg

3 things parents don't need to panic about

Early in my son’s life, I was on the phone with one of my closest girlfriends, also the mother of a baby boy, and we were talking through the challenge du jour of parenting. (I think I was talking about finding a feeding routine that worked best for my son’s reflux, and she was talking about getting her son on a good nap routine). 


She said, “You realize we are in for a lifetime of this, right? It doesn’t end with solving these problems…we will worry about something else next, like ho...

Posted on November 04, 2015 at 9:00 AM by Heather Bragg

How do you know if your child has a developmental difference?

How do you know if someone you love has a learning difficulty? What are some of the symptoms? As the center director at Lindamood-Bell Oak Park Learning Center, I hear these questions frequently, and the following cases and their symptoms may sound familiar to you.

Luke, Michael and Sarah were students I worked with because of their difficulty with reading. While Luke was reading, he would often skip over words, or sound out the same word multiple times in a paragraph. He could not g...

Posted on October 21, 2015 at 8:30 AM by Veronica Gonzalez

That "one kid" was my kid

Have you ever been at a playground, a classroom or a family event where there's that "one kid" who's a little overaggressive, pushing other kids, knocking down another child's projects or looks like they’re in 6th gear? And, like me, have you judged this behavior, saying to yourself, “That kid needs more discipline," or "What horrible parents. I'd knock some sense into that kid if he was mine." We’re all a little guilty of these thoughts.

Well, my son used to be one of these children. And,...

Posted on October 05, 2015 at 9:00 AM by Mikky Wright

Join us at a first-ever developmental differences conference

Having worked in the pediatric therapy field for a combined total of almost 30 years has been incredibly rewarding over our careers.  By understanding each child’s individual needs and connecting with them through the power of playful relationships, we have seen children with a variety of diagnoses make remarkable progress, transition into school programs and lead the fulfilling lives that their parents dreamed of for them.    

As moms of young children ourselves, we understand th...

Posted on August 20, 2015 at 2:00 PM by Lorell Marin, Erika Larson

NPN's 4th Annual Developmental Differences Resource Fair is Mar 8!

NPN proudly presents our 4th Annual Developmental Differences Resource Fair!  This event was created to help parents of children (ages infant through 8th grade) with a range of developmental differences - developmental delays (i.e., speech, motor skills), sensory processing disorder, autism, ADD/ADHD, PDD-NOS, mixed receptive-expressive language disorder, Down syndrome, physical disabilities, and more. 


Where: DePaul College Prep, 3633 N. California Ave., Chicago


When: ...

Posted on February 25, 2015 at 5:00 AM by Melanie Schlachter