Author - Barb Lazarus

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Barb is the owner and founder of Game On! Sports Camps 4 Girls, multi-week summer sports day camps just for girls. With a mission that includes empowerment through exposure to and development in a multitude of sports, girls of all athletic abilities, grades preschool through 10th, experience hours of pure fun with the opportunity to grow as an athlete and a person. Game On!'s program is unique, spirited, and all about quality instruction and empowerment. Barb graduated with a B.A. from the University of Michigan (1982) and a J.D. from Loyola School of Law (1985), after which she served as an Assistant United States Attorney and the Press Secretary for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Northern District of Illinois, Chicago office. She went on to grow her own thriving media relations business for over 12 years before shedding her corporate clothing to pursue her dream – Game On!  - and the chance to give back to girls sports. Barb is also the author of Game On! Sports Girl Talk, a blog addressing issues relating to the participation of young girls in sports and fitness. Barb is the proud mother of two, placing motherhood above all passions in life.

Get Your Girls in the Game!

Get Your Girls in the Game!

Introducing your daughters to sports at a young age          

When it comes to introducing young girls to sports play, I constantly hear “in due time.” Many parents, park districts/community programs and pre-schools seem to have this idea that an early introduction to sports isn't necessary.  While this does not shock me, what does cause surprise is the suggestion to wait until 3rd or 4th grade.  However, I strongly believe that the earlier you encourage...

Posted on November 28, 2011 at 9:28 AM by Barb Lazarus