Author - Julia Rohan

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Pandemic life is far from simple. Right now, we’re bogged down with all that goes into a day, not to mention week, month, season, and year. While outsourcing sounds helpful, it’s an impossible time bring new people into the home. Maybe you feel like it would take your partner more time to get things done for you, so why not just do it yourself? Or maybe you haven’t given yourself permission to ask for what you need? Or you’re nervous that you’ll be judged? I hear you. You’ve found the right place for help. We all have a similar goal: to get through this pandemic safely, with our health. But this time filling us with anxiety and guilt. I’m here to assure you that when you invest in your own support system, you add priceless value to your family life, your career, your social time, your passion projects, and your overall quality of life. Thanks, Julia is here to build that support system for you during Covid-19. Think of us as a “second you” that will lessen the invisible burden you’re carrying so you can breathe a little easier. Thanks, Julia will provide solutions to address your most time-consuming projects. I help get you to next-level efficiency so you can live more presently instead of thinking of what needs to get done next. All you need to do is show up — and I take care of the rest.

5 tips for bringing back the partner in your partnership during Covid

Even in the best of times, being great at both parenting and partnership requires deft maneuvering. Throw in a global pandemic, and many of the struggles two-parent households are experiencing shine in glaringly bright light. 

But it’s possible this time could forever redefine our roles in the home and our relationships with our partners. Simply put, sheltering-in-place together has answered the question around what we do in a day. We’ve always juggled a lot but there’s less curiosity ...

Posted on July 13, 2020 at 1:15 PM by Julia Rohan