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Ruth Mallery is a non-practicing attorney, wife, mother and feminist. She spends her days weaving into her life the Quaker and Methodist faiths, she finds joy in baking and reading, and keeps an eye out for family adventures, near and far.

The secret to traveling with kids? Planning, planning, planning.

Up to three-quarters of us use the summer season to combine fun and togetherness in a “travel adventure,” as our son describes our family vacations. So start planning your travel adventure now! Planning ahead makes it easier to beat the crowds and reduce trip costs.

Search for savings. We use Groupon and online resources, including those available through professional and museum memberships, to save money. Our annual trip to the Hesston Steam Museum, and visits to some museums, are les...

Posted on June 28, 2018 at 7:00 AM by Ruth Mallery