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Jamie Kreiter, LCSW is a women’s health therapist specializing in maternal mental health. While working on the mother-baby units at a prominent hospital, Jamie discovered a passion for supporting mothers and their families, gaining extensive training and experience in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Jamie is a Chicago native and offers counseling and education at her private practice in Lakeview. If you are experiencing stress, please call or email Jamie to set up a free phone consultation.  

3 things working moms shouldn't feel guilty about

Jill* came to see me for therapy at the end of her maternity leave. She had never experienced anxiety before and was suddenly suffering from shortness of breath, racing heart, difficulty breathing and intense feelings of guilt in anticipation of returning to work and leaving her newborn son. 

While the experiences, conditions and circumstances of working vary, many women, like Jill, experience guilt—feeling they are causing harm or doing something wrong.

Mothers often strive to meet...

Posted on May 10, 2018 at 3:52 PM by Jamie Kreiter