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Didi joined NPN in 2010 while researching school options for her son and seeking support from other working moms. When her daughter came along the following year, her fondness for NPN, its activity-packed event calendar, and its active discussion board grew. With a JD and certificate in Family Law from DePaul College of Law, her dedication to the local parent community in her downtown neighborhood, and her passion for advocating family life in the big city (she’s also a proud CPS grad), Didi happily joined the NPN staff in 2013. As School Choice, Programming and Outreach Manager, Didi is excited about helping Chicago parents learn about educational options within the city and discover all of the amazing benefits NPN has to offer for new and growing urban families. After spending her entire life as a north-sider, Didi now lives in the South Loop with her south-sider husband Rod and their city kids, RJ and Rio.

What it's like to have 2 kids at different schools

Ever wonder what a “typical” day is like for a mom with two school-aged kids attending two different schools in two vastly different neighborhoods? We are a family in the South Loop, with a first-grader and preschooler. When our son received an offer to attend a highly-regarded CPS Selective Enrollment Elementary School on the far South Side last year, we were ecstatic about his opportunity but also had to give much consideration to how accepting that spot would turn our daily routine ups...

Posted on September 11, 2017 at 9:26 AM by Didi Lewis

Navigating the CPS School Search

If you missed our two CPS 101: Elementary Options seminars this Fall, here's a quick hit list of things to have on your radar at the beginning of the school search process.


Age requirements:  For Kindergarten - your child must be 5 by September 1st of the school year.  For Preschool - children must be 3 and fully potty-trained by Sept 1st of the school year.

Determine your neighborhood school:  Use the CPS School Locator. You are guaranteed Kindergarten admission a...

Posted on September 25, 2014 at 6:00 AM by Didi Lewis

Why I Love Being a South Loop Mom

I grew up on the city’s north side and honestly never imagined I would be living nor raising my two children in the South Loop.  Yet here we are, just south of Roosevelt Road on a tree-lined street that almost feels suburban until I look north and see the Chicago skyline.  And now I can’t imagine any other neighborhood feeling so right for my family.  I’m almost hesitant to share why I love it so much because family life in the South Loop seems to be one of the city’s best kept secrets. 


Posted on May 28, 2014 at 8:00 AM by Didi Lewis