Author - Sarah Wenning


Sarah Wenning has been an NPN Member since 2004. She is co-chair of NPN’s Work from Home group. Currently, Sarah serves as the north side area director for AuPairCare. She is also mother to an 8 year old (human) and two big puppy dog daughters.

School Bells & Child Care: Do they ever ring together?

Backpacks packed, hot lunches ordered and off to school and work we went. Now I was ready to focus on my work. Until the first germ was spread.

After a few weeks, sure enough we were hit with our first of many sick days. Without a nanny or babysitter as a backup, my work schedule was quickly interrupted.

After the warm weather killed all the flu bugs, we had another glitch in the schedule: school holidays and breaks. I had used all my PTO days to take care of my sick daughter. How ...

Posted on October 24, 2011 at 6:00 AM by Sarah Wenning