Author - Jenny Shully & Amanda Gordon

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Based in Chicago, The Haven Group strives to provide strength, support, and stability. We recognize both the incredible excitement and overwhelming challenges that parents may experience as their families are growing and changing. We provide a range of supports for family members from the early stages of family planning through the transitions into new roles and dynamics. Through counseling, doula, and educational services, we strive to assist you in identifying and managing any areas of new or changing family issues that may be challenging you. Whether you are looking for support during labor and delivery, someone to guide you through your baby registry, or counseling during a challenging postpartum experience, THG is here for you.

New Baby, Meet Older Sibling: Parent Checklist

There are so many resources out there for new parents. By the time #2, 3, or 4 rolls around, Mom and Dad are expected to be experts and not need much help.

However, when bringing home a baby to older siblings, there can be a variety of challenges in place. When we have worked with families as both doulas and therapists, we have found that this is typically a top stressor for the parents. We all have a strong desire for our older kids to love their new siblings, but it can be more compl...

Posted on March 28, 2013 at 6:00 AM by Jenny Shully & Amanda Gordon