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Jenna Zaffino is a curious creative who works with the mediums of movement, creative writing and public speaking to explore and share the awareness of the mind/body connection and it’s positive influence towards life’s challenges.  As founder and creative director of Helios Center For Movement and a Pilates Professional, she has fostered a community of exploration and learning through the modality of a mind/body movement practice that spans from recreational lessons to professional teacher training.  Helios, at 2258 West Belmont Avenue, is the first and only Fletcher Pilates® movement studio and teacher training center to come to Chicago.

5 Tips To Gaining Control (Down There!) Before & After Baby

As a Pilates expert working with a vast population of women, I have found that regardless of age, fitness ability or level of body awareness, all women are intrigued by information about the topic of the pelvic floor (PF). Without an owner’s manual, influencing this important and empowering area of the body can feel confusing and elusive.  Below are five easy ways to gain awareness and control over the PF that can be practiced before, during and after pregnancy. 

*If you are experienci...

Posted on May 22, 2013 at 7:00 AM by Jenna Zaffino

Before & After Baby: fitness, food, sleep & support

It seems to take an army of support and information to feel like you are equiped with what you need before and after the baby arrives!  The Helios Center For Movement recently brought in the “Armed Forces of Perinatal Wellness!”, sponsored by Neighborhood Parents Network of Chicago, to share advice on movement, nutrition, pregnancy myths, and sleep training for both mother and child. 

Our army of experts included: Helios Owner, Jenna Zaffino, Nutritionist Jasmine Jafferali, OBGYN Dr. J...

Posted on March 15, 2013 at 6:30 AM by Jenna Zaffino