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  Mikky Wright currently works for WMG Consulting and is an active Board Member for LEEP Beyond, a Chicago non-profit that provides supplemental educational and therapeutic programming for children with developmental differences. He’s a former Director of Development for the MS Society and spends the majority of free time volunteering for a variety of causes, lives in the River West area and has recently discovered Yoga to be a great form of torture. He’s the proud father of two amazing children who currently reside in the Wicker Park neighborhood. His son was diagnosed in 2011 with Sensory Processing Disorder and currently attends LEEP Forward, a therapeutic clinic, Kids in Sync for Occupational Therapy and Cawn-Krantz & Associates for Speech Therapy.

That "one kid" was my kid

Have you ever been at a playground, a classroom or a family event where there's that "one kid" who's a little overaggressive, pushing other kids, knocking down another child's projects or looks like they’re in 6th gear? And, like me, have you judged this behavior, saying to yourself, “That kid needs more discipline," or "What horrible parents. I'd knock some sense into that kid if he was mine." We’re all a little guilty of these thoughts.

Well, my son used to be one of these children. And,...

Posted on October 05, 2015 at 9:00 AM by Mikky Wright