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Individual and Family Connection is an independent pediatric therapy practice. Our therapists dedicate their careers to helping children ages 18 months through the college years, effectively navigate the challenges before them. These may include a bully on the playground, self-esteem issues, peer relationships, a traumatic event, family transition (such as divorce or new sibling), and domestic violence. We also help children experiencing grief, attachment issues, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, some medically complex conditions, and other issues. We understand that every person and family goes through periods where extra support is needed and we consider it a privilege to step into others; struggles and challenges in order to offer a listening ear and a helping hand. For more information visit

Anxious about the upcoming school year? Here's how to ease your child's fears—and yours.

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As the new school year approaches amid the Covid pandemic, we all find ourselves approaching it with a heightened sense of apprehension with a new normal of social interaction. The previous school year concluded with distance learning and parents temporarily thrust into educator roles and many are anxiously wondering what will happen this fall. It’s impossible to know what the future holds, and with no clear roadmap, parents who have been managi...

Posted on July 15, 2020 at 10:55 AM by Layton Kirk

Helping your anxious child handle homework

Children are receiving homework as young as the kindergarten age, and some students report spending up to six hours a night on it. Many kids learn how to cope and manage the homework load, but what about children with anxiety? Anxiety negatively impacts concentration, inhibits learning, and can make it difficult for an anxious child to display her true knowledge and grasp of the material. Following are a few anxiety-ridden scenarios and how to help.

Anxiety: “My logical, problem-solvin...

Posted on November 30, 2017 at 9:17 AM by Layton Kirk

8 tips for success at bedtime

Does bedtime feel like a battle in your house? Do you end up giving in to the demand for more water, another story or other excuses your child comes up with to stay up later? Are you trying to transition your child to sleeping in her own bed and not having success? Follow these 8 tips to get your whole family sleeping more soundly.


1. Routine: Make the transition to bedtime smooth and predictable by creating a consistent routine. Include nighttime rituals that are calming and comforti...

Posted on January 07, 2015 at 11:15 AM by Layton Kirk

Play, play, play your troubles away

As “grown ups,” we think of play as something that kids do for fun. But it turns out that play (yes, play!) can be a powerful tool in helping our little ones work through some of life’s challenges.

What exactly is play therapy? As adults who are familiar with ‘talk therapy’, play therapy may be a difficult thing to understand and appreciate.

I am not going to lie, it took me a while to buy into it. I remember sitting in my first play therapy class thinking it was all a little too s...

Posted on May 20, 2013 at 8:00 AM by Layton Kirk