Author - Samantha Rud

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At Bennett Day School, our mission is to provide a collaborative culture that nurtures children's innate sense of inquiry and curiosity. We are committed to advancing creativity, innovation, and the development of lifelong learners and leaders. Bennett Day School is PK-12th grade, progressive school in Chicago's West Town neighborhood just blocks from the Loop.

7 Best Learning Apps for Kids

Introducing Touch-Screen Play Into Your Child’s Learning

Educators from Bennett Day School in Chicago recommend a number of apps that teach creative thinking and problem-solving through play.

Touch-screen games and apps can spark imagination and learning in your young child. Whether he’s rearranging story elements to tell his own animated tale, challenging himself to roll a ball down an incline at break-neck speed, or working with ropes and gravity to feed a hungry candy monster, y...

Posted on October 18, 2013 at 6:00 AM by Samantha Rud