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Geoffrey A. Nagle, PhD, is the President and CEO of Erikson Institute, the nation’s premier organization focusing on early childhood, focusing on education, research, direct service to children and families, and advocacy. NPN is proud to partner with Erikson to provide expert advice, tips, and actionable information for parents in Chicago.

Doing the math (yes, even on summer break)

Your preschooler can count to 50, maybe even 100. But does your child know what five means? It turns out that understanding the “fiveness” of five is far more important for a solid foundation in math than the ability to recite a string of numbers in the right order. And you can keep building this foundation all summer long.

Since 2007, the Erikson Institute’s Early Math Collaborative has been helping teachers discover ways to improve math instruction for young children. Substitute “par...

Posted on June 08, 2018 at 8:10 AM by Geoffrey Nagle