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I am the proud founder of Shine: A Light On Fertility, a unique support community for those affected by fertility challenges. I am a wife to my husband of over 10 years, mommy to my only daughter G, only child, marathon runner, fitness instructor, and fertility advocate! I love coffee, wine, pizza, and cookies!

Women struggling with infertility: You will get through this

If I could write a letter to a woman going through infertility, I would tell her all the things I learned along the way on my journey, all my best advice, and it would go something like this.

Dear [Desperately Wanting To Be A] Mom Struggling With Infertility,

As you read this you are probably in a deep dark place, wondering “why me?”. I am here to tell you: The sun will shine again. Your morning routine won’t always include a trip to the infertility clinic to get your blood drawn a...

Posted on November 02, 2015 at 8:15 AM by Katie O'Connor

Shine: A ray of light on infertility announces Launch Open House

Katie O’Connor is a Chicago-native, mom, wife, only daughter, infertility activist, and founder of Shine Chicago.

Her infertility journey started with a non-existent period, to tests, meds, and monitoring, to failed IUI’s, to the first IVF cycle, which included periods extreme hi’s and low’s to finally hearing those words “you are pregnant”, and overwhelming joy with the birth of her daughter!

She decided to start this community and write about her story and infertility, to help ot...

Posted on June 04, 2012 at 6:00 AM by Katie O'Connor