Author - Carrie Kirby


  Carrie Kirby is a writer and a penny-pinching mom who has combined her passions into the Web site Frugalistic Mom. Unlike the wingnuts on TV shows like Extreme Couponing, Carrie is a realistic, busy mom who fits couponing and saving money into a normal lifestyle. In the past, Carrie has also written for The Chicago Tribune, The San Francisco Chronicle,, Cookie, Wired and Parenting. When she's not at the keyboard, you'll find her chasing three kids around Oak Park.

Chicago Toy Store Promotions Make It Easy to Shop Local & Save

If you love your Chicago neighborhood, local businesses are probably a big part of that love.  Logically, we know that these stores will not be around forever if we don't patronize them. That's why I'm making a resolution this holiday season to do at least part of the shopping for the kids at local toy stores.

For a frugal shopper like me, this is easier said than done. I can find such great toy deals online!  But Chicago stores are helping make it easier for us to do the right thing w...

Posted on November 09, 2011 at 8:00 AM by Carrie Kirby