Author - Jenny Perillo

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Jenny is the founder of green spa and beauty boutique, Noktivo, located in Lincoln Square. She began her career in the beauty industry at the young age of 19 and began researching cleaner alternatives when allergies and sensitivities came up in her work. Jenny loves sharing her passion for green beauty with women and educating them on how they can give their beauty products a makeover. She lives in Uptown with her husband Dejan and 6 month old daughter Marlena.

3 Green Things to Pack for Spring Break

April is officially here, which means I think it's safe to say Spring has arrived? April couldn't have come in with more of a bang, as the first weekend marks the beginning of holidays and Spring Break for many Chicago families. Before you head out the door with a million-and-one things in hand, here are some quick tips for greener traveling. 

1. We love multitasking products in our family as they save on weight, space and "schtuff" in general. snackTAXI (see pic below) makes aweso...

Posted on April 05, 2015 at 7:00 PM by Jenny Perillo

3 Tips for Greener Beauty

The beauty industry has a dirty little secret. A lot of your favorite products that you use on yourself and your little ones contain ingredients in them that are not good for our bodies or the planet. The average woman uses 9-15 different products per day that contain up to 100 different ingredients. I don’t think this average woman was a new mom, because that number for me shrunk to 1 - soap, after my daughter was born. I began my journey into a more natural world, thrown into it really, ...

Posted on March 26, 2015 at 5:41 PM by Jenny Perillo