Author - Gail Conway


Gail Conway, M.Ed. is the proud parent of two children and CEO for the Chicago Metropolitan Association for the Education of Young Children (Chicago Metro AEYC).Gail Conway is a child development specialist known for helping professionals, families and organizations find effective solutions to raising healthy, happy children and families. 

Mommy (or Daddy) Only

Five tips to help your child ease into being cared for by someone else

1. Regularly share caretaking routines and playtime activities with other trusted people when you are there. Encourage others to hold and engage your child. Your child looks to you as his or her emotional barometer. Your tone of voice and body language will reinforce the idea that it’s OK to be in the arms of this relative or friend. Stay within sight so your child knows you are quickly available. Over time, you wil...

Posted on October 31, 2011 at 6:00 AM by Gail Conway