Author - Lannette Wolford

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Lannette fitness professional, physical educator and mother of a 16 year of daughter named Catie. She considers herself a warrior in the battle of childhood obesity.  Lannette is the proud owner of KID-FIT CHICAGO which teaches nutrition and physical education classes to preschoolers.  Her goal is to prevent obesity before it starts by educating children as young as age 2 about healthy lifestyle habits.

Plant the health & fitness seed in Preschool

Most of us understand that providing a high quality education for young children is a key to a child's future success.  But as important as math, science and reading programs are, a good physical education program in the school is equally important.  Preschool is no different!  The foundational skills needed to achieve academic success include social, cognitive and physical development. There is no reason to wait until a child is in kindergarten to begin a physical education program.


Posted on December 28, 2011 at 8:00 AM by Lannette Wolford