Playtime Planner: A Star-Spangled Day Off

Written by: Sarah Cobb

When a holiday/day-off arrives, most families begin the day with a nice slow start, a “lazy dazy” morning in my house, and everything is all pajamas and pancakes.  Then you quickly realize you have to have a plan to keep everyone reasonably busy and smiling - especially through the witching hours.

Here is my Star-Spangled July 4th Playtime Planner – a list of fun-filled snacks, crafts, snuggles, and stories – even for your littlest one to enjoy today and throughout the holiday weekend.

  • American Flag Assembly Party – make your own American Flag breakfast
  • DIY Fireworks (noise & danger free!) - for the big kids & the little ones
  • Cookie Cutter Sandwichescookie cutters and toothpicks are great tools to spruce up sandwiches, watermelon, apple slices, berries, and more!
  • Sweet Treat - no holiday is complete without a treat for the family to make & enjoy 
  • Judge a book by its Color - pick bedtime stories based on Red, White, & Blue covers - you may stumble on some overlooked gems buried in the bookshelves.

Want more Playtime-Planner ideas? Visit our Holiday Fun Pinterest Board.  Have a happy, safe, and super fun 4th of July!

Image Credits: All Kids NetworkBe Different Act Normal, No Time for Flash Cards, & Macaroni Kid – Chicago Loop.

Posted on July 02, 2012 at 4:28 PM


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